We went to the lake today

We went to the lake today

Because Lauren Jauregui is a little shit, and every time she laughs I fall a little more in love



I can’t even fucking deal with how adorable she is omfg

Boobs ayyy lmao

Baby I wanna make you laugh asdfghjkl;

The thing where she goes from sexy to adorable in less than a second

idek what she’s doing here but let’s continue

Fact: You can’t look at Lauren laughing and not smile. 

The moment I fell in love

Oh Lauren, you don’t even know how precious you are..

In the words of the great Uncle Jesse, "Have Mercy.."

hippocrites asked

No. I move up to uni on august 19th. I have my first day the monday afterwards.

I cried when the lineup came out.
Please have fun


let me just take a moment to write you a little something here because I felt 180 characters on twitter wasn’t quite sufficient. I am a chill person, if you are nice, I am nice, it is as simple as that. it takes an awful lot to rile me, especially if you have no impact on my life. BUT, when you…


vine fame is honestly ridiculous to me u mean ppl are doing meet n greets and signing autographs cuz they did something ridiculous for 6 seconds

Three things: 
1) The reason that you are gone from my life is because you were emotionally toxic and my body was already taking enough personally prescribed poison. I did not need any extra baggage at the time. 
2) Its really inconvenient, disrespectful, annoying, inconsiderate, exhausting, and wrong to lie to someone about something that they are practically using every fiber of their being to prevent from happening. 
3) Even when I was trying my hardest, you never acknowledged that I was sacrificing my own time, love, effort, and heart into working out a person that you did not even slightly like, even after I had clearly made my marks on you. After I told you my honest opinions of you, you still acted like my opinions meant nothing. And that hurt the most.
I’m glad I’m aware of how to deal with poison now. 
Please forget about me, as I don’t want you to feel like you “don’t deserve me as a friend.” Because I’m a very shitty friend and you don’t even think you deserve yourself.
I hope things work out for you.